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Support F.A.Q.

About Downloads

What is "Instant Download"?
Simply means an item will not be shipped to your physical address which usually takes many days to arrive. We only provide digital goods via the Internet.

Does the download link expire?
Yes, after 24 hours. This is done to prevent abuse by some customers.

What if I failed to download after 24 hours?
Please email us for download issues and we will either:

  • re-activate the download
  • send the document by email (as an attachment)
  • or provide another link to another server.

About Payments

I paid 2 times for the same item, what shall I do?
When we notice duplicate payment we will send you a refund, even if you don't notify us. Please allow 24 hours as we may not be in the same time zone.

Do you accept Bitcoins?
Yes, we can accept Bitcoins but the transaction will not be automated. It may take up to 24 hours before the buyer receives the download link. Please email us first if you wish to use this method.

Do you accept e-check?
Yes, we accept e-check.

Do you offer other payment methods aside from Paypal?
At the moment, no. But we are countinually looking for other Payment Processors.

Do you keep my credit card info?
NO. All payments are processed only at Paypal's secure website.

What is "1-Click Payment"?
It means no shopping cart and no long registration forms at this site.

Contact us for help/support

Our email:  

What should be included in the email?
Besides the brief description of the problem please include the following:

  • the document title
  • Paypal Transaction ID